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Global Teams is a mission organization whose goal is to see the heart of Christ in the skin of every culture.  It uses inter-cultural teams to plant people movements in un-reached groups around the world. Dr. Pierce is the former Chairman of the Board and is now a line missionary in Asia.




Dr. Pierce used to be the National Director of the Church Army and still retains a connection as its "Warden." Church Army is an organization of evangelists who seek to serve the homeless poor.  Typical of its ministries is Peace in the Storm, a church composed entirely of 300 homeless people in Branson, Missouri. They have four half way houses, three for men and one for women. 



Dr. Pierce is Chancellor of St. Petersburg Seminary, now on a permanent leave of absence to launch the Nepal education mission of the Seminary.  The Seminary is evangelical and interfaith. It includes a Yeshiva, which trains Messianic rabbis, a counseling program, and a program for teachers training as well as offering pastoral degrees in ministry (MA in Ministry, MDiv, and DMin).



Canon Pierce is a missionary priest on the staff of St. Dunstan's, his church family and dear friends in Florida. 

The Nepal Educational Mission, otherwise known as Prayer Mountain

is an informal network of persons interested in raising the educational level of house church leaders and members of Nepal. We are particular interested in providing a two-tiered education of Bible and skills training which will enable pastors both to support themselves and to start churches.  To accomplish these goals we need financial support, teachers (both teachers of practical skills and of the Bible), and partners who can needed equipment. 

To participate in the Nepal Educational Mission, contact

DrGPierce [at]


Participate and Donate

Please make all contributions through Global Teams and earmark them "Prayer Mountain."  

If you additionally would like to contribute to the building fund for the Center, please write "Center" after Prayer Mountain.  Thanks!


Global Teams

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