*  Give high praise and hearty thanks to God!  After 40 trips to various entities and agencies and 160 hours of work, the intercession of many, many people, and the help of many Nepali friends who advised, negotiated, and maneuvered me through the intricacies of the Nepali government, I have at last obtained my Permanent Residence Visa!  Glory to God!  You prayed, we sweated, and God answered!


*  Please pray for my third trip to Nawalparasi on December 26.  We will be discussing plans for a Bible School in Chitwan and some ways of funding.  Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to reign in our discussions and that there may be a great burst of glory to Him as we plan for the future. 


*  Please pray for the success of our six students as they come to the end of their first course.  I am praying for them all to do especially well on their final assignment, which is to write term papers.  These papers will be written in Nepali and will form the first Nepali Educational Mission Primer. It will be used for the six teaching conferences we plan in the spring.


*  Right now the six students are praying about becoming members of Global Teams.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide them to make the right decision.  Pray that the Nepali church may now begin to send laborers into the harvest fields in other lands.


*  Please pray for the six workers who are seeking to join the team this coming summer, 2010.  Pray that others will join them in participating in the exciting work which God is doing here through prayer, personal involvement, and financial commitment.\


*  Please pray for our continuing outreach to the poorest of the poor.  The poor are persons who do not have enough to live and have no one to whom they can turn to meet their needs other than the Lord of Heaven.  You and I can be God's answer to their prayers!


*  Onnuri Glorious Church here in Kathmandu is bursting at the seams!  Pray that their building fund may continue to grow so that in the near future we can move to a larger building.


*  Please pray for my third trip to Nawalparasi on December 26.  We will be discussing plans for a Bible School in Chitwan and some ways of funding.  Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to reign in our discussions and that there may be a great burst of glory to Him as we plan for the future. 


*  Above all, give glory to God for the gift of His Son to be our Savior of the world.  Pray that this Christmas many may come to accept Jesus as Lord as we celebrate His birth and what He has done. 








When I first began to think of a name for the educational ministry in Asia, the name, "Prayer Mountain,"

flashed before my eyes.  I thought, yes, training leaders must be grounded in prayer and spiritual

formation.  Since so much of the church in America seems to have become secular in its thinking, I

thoght we needed to have a clear focus that points us back to God.


levitra online uk buy levitra without prescription cheap levitra australia

I knew that the pivotal events in Jesus' life and ministry centered around mountains.  I knew the prayer

mountains were popular in Asia and that Korea, especially, had deep experience with prayer mountains. 

So, when I came to Nepal I thought Prayer Mountain must be a place.  I looked and looked for a place

that could be Prayer Mountain.


And finally the Lord openjed my eyes and I saw.  The House Church Movement in Nepal is the Prayer

Mountain.  Prayer Mountain is the virtual mountain of prayer which has been rising from these believeing

folks for many years.


And I have come to see that I, in fact, am one of God's answers to those prayers.  You may be, also.  I

want to invite you to come and see and be part of a great work that God is doing.  God can use you to

be one of the answers to the Nepali mountain of prayer.

I invite you.  Come climb Prayer Mountain with me!




Jesus often went up to the mountains to pray and revelations occurred there.  Even His first teaching

was from a mountain, for when Jesus saw great crowds He went up on the mountain to teach (Matt 5:1-



He prayed all night on the mountain before the calling of the twelve (Luke 6:12-13).


After the feeding of the 5,000 He went up on the mountain Himself to pray (Matt 14:33).  John tells us

it was because the people wanted to make Him king by force (John 6:15).


He took Peter, James, and John with Him on a high mountain by themselves to pray and was transfigured

before them (Matt 17:1-8).  They heard the Father in Majestic Glory declare, "This is My beloved Son;

hear Him!" and they declared it was a holy mountain (1 Peter 1:16-18).


Before His crucifixion Jesus went up to the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives to pray (Luke

22:39-46).  There He bled a bloody sweat and taught the disciples what it was to pray.



When Jesus was ready to ascend into heaven, He told the disciples to meet Him on a mountain.  Then

He gave them the Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them, and to teach them

everything He commanded (Maqtt 28:16-20)





In Korea, during the last part of the 1800s, pioneering Christians faced strong opposition from the

religions of Buddhism and Confucianism as well as from the mandatory practice of Shinto im;osed by

Japanese invaders.  Because Christians could not practice their faith openly they would rise at 4 am and

climb the mountain, where they could pray freely until the first rays of sunlight.  As they returned home

at night they would also go up in the mountain and pray and fast to ask God to intervene on their behalf.


There are many prayer mountains in Korea.  One on the North Korean border, operated by Yongi Cho's

Full Gospel Church, has several hundred grottos dug away in the mountains.  At any time there are

thousands who are praying in piercing voices, crying out, or singing.  They are remembering the martyrs

of the 1949 expulsion of Christians from North Korea and praying for its conversion.


Let us join with them in praying for the persecuted North Korean Church.




Sacred mountains can be found all over the world.  They are places where peoples of various faiths have

sought inspiration, revelation, and transformation.  These mountainbs often represent the hightest

development of the non-Christian religions of the world.  They point to the God who created us and all



Perhaps the Prayer Moutain Movement can bring to these religions the fulfillment which can be found in

the Divine Son, Jesus.  Let us pray for God's Majestic Glory to be made known throughout the world so

that all mankind may come to worship the One who was so marvellously transfigured on the holy


The Nepal Educational Mission, otherwise known as Prayer Mountain

is an informal network of persons interested in raising the educational level of house church leaders and members of Nepal. We are particular interested in providing a two-tiered education of Bible and skills training which will enable pastors both to support themselves and to start churches.  To accomplish these goals we need financial support, teachers (both teachers of practical skills and of the Bible), and partners who can needed equipment. 

To participate in the Nepal Educational Mission, contact

DrGPierce [at]


Participate and Donate

Please make all contributions through Global Teams and earmark them "Prayer Mountain."  

If you additionally would like to contribute to the building fund for the Center, please write "Center" after Prayer Mountain.  Thanks!


Global Teams

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Bakersfield CA, 93301

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