Let me tell you about the orphanage at New Hope Church.   There are just two rooms and a kitchen—one room is a bedroom for 12 children, two to a bunk, and the other room serves as dining area, chapel, study room, and general purpose living room.  David, the pastor leader of this ministry, is praying for a two story building so he could separate the boys and girls and have room to expand.  It would cost $25,000 to buy.  He is a wonderful leader and father to the children and the children are happy and well cared for.  They each introduced themselves to me, told their names, and what year they are in in the English school.  Then they sang three songs with loud voices and exuberant gestures.

So far I have met four pastors who have orphans and all of them need a building, school fees, and money for daily operation.  All of them want to have larger facilities to handle the many orphans.  All of them as extraordinarily caring men who along with their wives love the children deeply.  Please pray for the Orphan Ministry in Nepal, and if you can contribute, you may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will either send you a picture of a child you can sponsor for $35 a month.  Or I can put you in direct contact with a pastor.  In that way you can encourage the pastor as well as help the children.  




Need for a water pump:


After many excruciating curves and bone crunching washouts on the jampacked bus we arrived in Nawalparasi district.  Mahendra's father, Purna Gurau, is pastor of a mother church in the small village of Kudhauli.  The New Life Church roof leaks rain and needs plastering and the door needs to be replaced. Pastor Gurau is a senior pastor in the district and should be traveling to visit churches but there is no money for transport.  What would solve the problems is a water pump to fill his two large fish ponds and restocking them with fish.

I was humbled when Pastor Gurau had his grandson kill one of his prize cocks for a special dinner in my honor.  The soup from the cock is very special and the Nepalese food is truly delicious!  All the food--mangos, rice, milk, corn, vegetables--were local. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Need for rent money:


The next day we visited the church at Kawaswati.  I managed to fall in the ditch on the way and had to be taken to the clinic for medicine and bandage.  However, we still got to the church for the service.  Since Mahendra, who was pastor of this church, is now working as my personal assitant, he has turned the church over to his brother. For $100 Reshem and Mona Gurau could have a room to rent which would be at the church.  For more information.

The more critical need, however, is for church land where a church could be built.  Many house churches rent rooms but sometimes people of other religions do not like to rent to Christians. For more information contact roshangurau@yahoo.


Need for school fees:


Tirtha Gurau in Chitwan has nine orphans living with him and his wife in rented quarters.  These lively and exuberant children sing some Awana style songs in Nepalese with much gusto.  Every day this family, pastor, wife, and children, pray for their daily bread.  Their greater need, however, is for a home which is more secure and which could have more orphans. 

Investment opportunities through Kingdom Ventures (see "Ventures" on this website) could help make this church-orphanage self sustaining.  For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

One of the highlights of our visit was an elephant ride into the jungle park where we saw four rhinos, more than fifty deer, peacock, monkeys and many birds.



I met with pastors in both the Chitwan and Pokhara areas, each of whom underlined the need for a trianing center. Chitwan is the central city of Nepal.  Pokhara is anothr important center.  The desire is to be able to train pastors in a more rural area to serve the rural needs of Nepal.  While there are several training programs in Kathmandu, the graduates are quickly absorbed in the more urban setting.  The pastors themselves have Bachelor degrees plus Bible school training and could provide faculty for a junior college level school.  The needs for this school will include loand, building, equipment, books, and other basic educational needs.  For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



What should be taught?  We are coming to believe that these schools should teach basic skills which enable pastors to earn a living as well as basic Bible training.  The need, therefore, is for skills teachers as well as for persons who can help pastors develop curriculum which is contextual and holistic, as well as being taught in the way that Jesus taught.  For this last point, keep looking under Resources for a course I am working on, Training Leaders Jesus' Way.




My plan is to recruit persons with MDivs from various people groups in Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, China, and other Asian countries to come to Kathmandu for a Doctor of Ministry course which will include preparing curriculum for seminaries and conextualizing the curriculum to the target people group. My goal is that the teaching be as fully accredited as possible and that it make use of all the modern instruments of education.  Also, it is essential that the training be grounded in prayer as the most important principle and that the teaching be designed in the way that our Lord Jesus taught, which differs in important respects from the current academic seminary model in the West.


Update: We have identified a piece of land which will cost $15,000.  We need $7,500 by Sept. 1st and $7,500 March 1st.  The site:






Recently I listened to the prayers of a pastor and his flock of orphans pray for daily bread.  The prayers must rend the heart of God.  They certainly rent mine.   The Lord used me that day to provide the food.  As I traveled on to visit the next pastor and his needs, I wondered who would provide for them the next day.


Everything seems impossible in Nepal and therefore the prayers are urgent. And they are on the lips of every person you meet.  It's not that people are begging.  Rather, they are addressing God.  And I believe that God is addressing us.


One of our main works of support here is to try to provide "businaries" (business people with a heart for missions) who can advise people on businesses and invest in the people. 


Some of the pastors are doing this on their own.  For example, Pastor Tirtha Gerou's congregation has provided a widow with two goats to start goat farming.  The woman has had success and now has been able to pay a tithe to the church and to help with the expenses of the orphanage.


This same pastor has a vision to establish a tourist hotel,  He has worked in that business and knows what makes it successful.  Nepalis' natural hospitable gifts produce really good service.  What he lacks is the investment that could make this dream a reality.


Another man was trained in shoe making in Italy. He once had a small factory for making shoes. This man could again put a lot of people to work but he needs the initial investment.


Still another pastor has fish ponds that have been replanted as rice paddies when the district cut off his water supply.  However, he could start again using well water if only he had a water pump and a restocking of fish.


The fact is that Nepal is rich in natural resources and could be developed in many ways by those who would be inspired to make the investment.  For instance, to think a very big impossible thought, a series of dams and hydroelectric plants at judicious points in the Himalayas could provide hydro-electric power for this energy starved country, could help to channel water to needed places (Kathmandu), possibly help in flood control in countries to the south (India and Bangladesh), and provide, with the industrious Nepali work force, the basis for industrial development.


Therefore, please join my prayer for "businaries" to come to Nepal and help.  There is so much that can be done to help these enterprising people. 

The Nepal Educational Mission, otherwise known as Prayer Mountain

is an informal network of persons interested in raising the educational level of house church leaders and members of Nepal. We are particular interested in providing a two-tiered education of Bible and skills training which will enable pastors both to support themselves and to start churches.  To accomplish these goals we need financial support, teachers (both teachers of practical skills and of the Bible), and partners who can needed equipment. 

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