No visa from Vietnam embassy

 stony face: no voice umbilical,

 gut clenching, rain pouring,


Plans smashed

 hope dashed, money and things,

 expectations swirl

 scolding wasted effort


 looking up with joy

 seeing the face of God

 shining light on nonsense



with apologies to Basho, who would chortle at these verses, but nevertheless showed us how much fun it us to write haiku. Haiku are 17 syllable poems, evocative of feelings, emotions, or impressions. My niece, Tomi, gave me the book by Basho and it inspired me to write some. I have provided a short context for each poem.


Frontier flight delayed an hour on the runway:

 goods disbursed and farewells said

 the journey falters

 on a broken plane


Acute attack of hay fever:

 the shiv'ring, sneezing body

 peremptoriy asserts

 its own end


Take off from Aspen:

 power surging through emerald slopes

 hiding modestly

 in swirling mist

 above the clouds hope sparkles

 the fragile earthbound float

 on a new plane


Missed flight:

 concourse extremities 

 thrice traversed confusion

 please tell me who cares


Meeting a German tour with sloganed T-shirts:

 die schrilled auf ahse

 she said, and I a fool of Christ

 look at you


Botched up ticket:

 You're very need this morning

 she said and sent me trudging

 to the wrong flight


A second cup of tea on the plane to Phoenix:

 the lovely hostess said

 let's start fresh

 exactly! embrace the new road...


Talk with emergency management consultant on the plane to Bakersfield:

 help! said the sardine

 let me out of here!

 can't, said he, the lid's too tight


Resting with Woody and Cecille:

 a wrung out cloth 

 drying in the sun

 wrinkles smoothing out a bit


Anointing at St. Paul's clears sinus:

 the oil touching forehead

 flowing down clearin healing

 in gentle wave


Leaving the Bagwells:

 spirit showers rustling in the trees

 courage and joy come down

 what grace!


Bus trip to Los Angeles:

 embarking on a long journey

 smooth road ahead

 great expectations!


Thoughts at John's home in Korea, remembering Matt 19:29:

 sixth of one hundred

 each a gift

 here a secret place for prayer


Jesus' Abbey:

 rain washing intent

 serious heads bowing

 in solace light illumining


Thoughts on the beauty I love:

 beauty never dies

 its spirit shines through all

 looking forth from your eyes


Thoughts on courage:

 When all is dark and body fears

 where is hope and courage

 in my heart


Thoughts on loneliness:

 Jesus, Spirit of God

 you made of me a purchase

 I am not alone


For a house church leaders:

 the bridge I build for you 

 is costing my life

 will you cross over it?



 mischievous grin

 compassionate heart

 remembering you I pray


How to be a nobody:

 sitting against the wall


 no one being able to see


A dear friend who took his life:

 searing pain, wrenching loneliness

 devastating losses, drugged surcease



Living in Asia:

 center gives way, moorings slip

 inner self reconstellates

 as Asian


Difficulty in translating:

 stumbling words, mind blanking

 ego dying, message lost

 love enfolding

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